Project Management Information System

Solution Description is an online comprehensive Project Management Information System software that helps you Plan, Track and Report on projects. With its unique Project Dashboard, milestone, deliverables and Project Reporting, it helps you to deliver your projects on time and under budget.

Solution Offerings

  • The solution offers the following key features:
     Facilitate to control the Projects with all its necessary ingredients, such as milestone, deliverable, payment terms, time sheet.
  • Provide an overview status of the Projects to all stakeholders
  • Maintain centralized repository for all the documents related to the project for later reference.
  • Upload Gantt Chart to view the Project at task level.
  • On-Line status of Physical completion and Financial position on a click of button at desktop or Mobile devices.
  • Facility to the develop reports and dashboards by the user themselves.

How to use the Application

  • Register with as an adminstrator and perform as follows:
    • Create Project Manager user
    • Create Domain
    • Assign the Project Manager to the domain
    • Assign the Project User for the Project to track their project
    1. Create a Project  

    Once the project user is created, Project manager is ready to manage the project by doing the following main activities:

    • Create Program/Project
    • Create Vendor information
    • Create Currency Codes
    • Create Stake holders
    • Create Project Team members
    • Create Milestones and its deliverables
    • Upload MS Project
    • Create Payment Terms
    • Maintain % Completion with the milestone weight
    • Post Deliverables
    • Send email for deliverable approval to the stakeholders
    • Upload all your project related documents at one place

    Read User guide to use the Application available on the site under ‘Tutorials’

Zara Student Management System

Solution Description

Zara Student Management system is good for Tutoring Service and Schools for Managing the Students Schedule with the following Key Features:

Key Features

  1. Admmission
  2. Scheduling
  3. Invoicing
  4. Attendance
  5. Progress Reporting
  6. Teachers Portal
  7. Students Portal
  • Admissions/Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing/Payments
  • Attendance
  • Progress Reporting
  • Teachers Portal
  • Student Portal
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  • 1
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How to use the Application

  • Get your School/Tuition Center Register with us.Once the Admin is created you can perform the following main activities:
    • Setup Grades and Courses
    • Setup Time Slot of your Center
    • Setup Teachers Database
    • Enter Students Information
    • Schedule the Classes
    • Assign Teacher and Students to the Classes
    • Create for a week and copy for next week and on wards
    •  Manage Teachers Access
    • Manage Student Access
    • Teachers to create Progress Report
    • Admin to send email to Parent Progress Reports
    • Mark Attendance by Teacher for their Students

    Read User guide to use the Application available on the site under ‘User Guide’