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Future Trends of Project Management

  1. The availability of a sufficient number of suitable project staff will remain the most critical factor in project planning.  Deciding factor for a project is more then availability of actually qualified people is the actual project that can start next.
  2. Companies will have significantly impact on Portfolio Planning.
  3. New Status of Project Management Office will emerged.
  4. Debate of Project Management between cloud and on-premises solutions
  5. More All Rounders will be needed for Project Organization.
  6. Managing the performance of a project is one of the biggest challenges project managers face.
  7. PMs are responsible for performance, and best practices state that project managers should check the status of any project in relation to deliverable goals on a regular basis.

iClipse Technologies also provides the tool for managing the project hosted on

Features of the application is as follows:

  1. Manage Program and Projects
  2. Manage Milestones and Payment Terms
  3. Manage Periodically update the milestone completion percentage with planned vs actual
  4. Mange Team and Time sheet
  5. Manage Deliverable to post and its approval with stakeholders
  6. Report and Dashboard for project and portfolio