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BI & Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence co-exist to provide the BI applications for business analysis and decisions. Successful BI depends on three fundamental concepts:
  • Focus on the business.
  • A special structure for the data delivered to the business via several mechanisms.
  • Iteratively develop the overall BI environment in manageable life cycle increments rather than attempting Big Bang.

We at iClipse Technologies provide the services to transform data into actionable insights. Assist in developing dashboards to perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. We comprises of functional team in most of the basic domain of the business like HR, Finance, Supply Chain Management to understand the business and develop the Data Warehouse as the foundation of your Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence Life cycle

While data is captured in complex structures and databases to facilitate specific transaction requirements, organizations and businesses find it difficult to extract and capture the required information from data in transaction systems. Thus, there becomes a need to develop a system that can dependably take out data from the source systems and restructure the content appropriate for business analysis. The restructuring of data must be done in a way such that the meaningful data and information is provided to business people through the useful tools they are able to access. In brief it is required following steps to build the BI Application:

  1. Understanding the requirements and delivering the valuable business output
  2. Act in accordance with the proven DW Lifecycle.
  3. Building and delivering progressively within the organization’s data framework
  4. Designing flexible, useful and high-performance datasets.
  5. Providing a complete business solution via reports, query tools, documentation.

Technically, we need to follow the steps below to build and support BI Application.

  •  Business Requirement
    • Technical Architecture
      • Product Selection and Installation
    • Dimension Modeling
      • Physical Design
      • ETL Design and Development
    • BI Application Design and development
  • Deployment
  • Growth
  • Maintenance

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